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The Rutland Township Times

Volume 1, Issue 3                                                                                          April, 2003
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Rutland Township Officers

Supervisor: Fred Bulmahn                 847.515.7148
Clerk: Deb Schuldt                           847.622.1020
Road Commissioner: Tom Koppie      847.428.6789
Assessor: Pat Molohon                     847.428.5219
Trustee: Joe Adams                          847.669.3103
Trustee: Al Roberts                          847.515.1240
Trustee: Kurt Stuart                          847.695.5414
Trustee: Ron Tessendorf                   847.426.3609

Supervisor’s Summary

A hearty Spring welcome to all fellow Rutland Township residents! This is a newsletter from your elected officials in which we attempt to communicate with you and update you about significant Rutland Township matters

Our annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 8th, 7:30 p.m. at the fire station in Gilberts (Rte. 72 and Galligan Road). All Township voters (registered prior to 3/11/03) are eligible to vote at this meeting.
Financial and operating reports will be presented by Township and Road District officials. Time will be allocated for residents to ask questions of elected officials and to offer their comments. This is an opportunity for you to participate in local government matters that affect your daily lives. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend!

The financial condition of the township is solid. The township has no outstanding loans or debts, other than current bills – which are paid monthly. With frugal financial management, your Board of Trustees has been able to maintain expenses within conservative budget guidelines.

Among other things, you can look up your property and get most any information you want, without having to call or come into the Assessor’s office.

Township buildings and road equipment have been substantially upgraded over the last two years with modest financial reserves and with the assistance of several cash grants from State and County sources.

The first phase of the much-needed expansion of the road equipment garage was recently completed. Road equipment has been substantially upgraded and several used trucks were added to the fleet. The township driveway/parking lot will be paved this Spring.

The current levy adopted by the Township Board was once again friendly to Rutland Township taxpayers, by limiting the increase in property tax collections to 5%. With the growth of new properties in Rutland Township, the effective tax rates for the Township and the Rutland Road District will decline again for the third consecutive year.
Development growth in Rutland Township places additional pressure on township government services. Your Board of Trustees has been working hard to keep pace with this growth, while still operating under the constraints of limited property tax revenue.

……...Fred W. Bulmahn

Assessor’s Analysis

What a year 2002 was! Understanding the routine and rhythm of the office and the intricacies of the computer program that supports the assessment process presented some real learning curve challenges. I now have a true appreciation of how difficult the Assessor’s job must have been prior to the advent of technology.
The project that provided the most satisfaction was the development of the website. Technically, my role in the project was small. However, all public record assessment information is now available on the web at www.rutlandtownship.com. Please feel free to use it. If you have any comments, please let me know.
The first item on the agenda after I took office on January 2, 2002 was dealing with the 2001 assessments that were published that January. The Township multiplier for 2001 was 1.000.
The Township saw substantial growth in 2002. Over 500 new parcels were added to the assessment base. The addition of that many parcels would have been an overwhelming task were it not for the assistance of Keith Berkhout. Keith is an appraiser by education and he brings a lot of talent to this office. I’m sure many of you have spoken with him on the phone.
2002 assessments were submitted to the Supervisor of Assessments in Kane County in October and published in December. The Township multiplier was 1.0864. From what I have heard, the multiplier deserves some explanation. It has been said that the reason for a multiplier of that magnitude is due to the way that I have been assessing certain properties, specifically that I have reduced Del Webb assessments and that has caused the multiplier to increase. That is not the case as I will explain shortly.
There are 15 townships in Kane County. For 2002, 11 of the 15 townships had a multiplier of 1.6000 or higher. If the action of the Assessor is the cause, then all 11 of those Assessors must have been purposefully trying to lower assessments. The fact is that the market is driving prices in Kane County higher and the assessments do not necessarily reflect what the values of the properties truly are. Assessors don’t lead the market; they react to it.
The Illinois Property Tax Code has certain requirements. Properties throughout the State are to be assessed at 33 1/3% of their fair market value. To be certain that the “playing field” is level across the County, the Supervisor of Assessments is required to prepare sales ratio studies for each Township based on the values of the prior three years, in this case, the years 1999, 2000 and 2001. The year that caused the problem was 2001 which 1also happened to be the year that Rutland Township became a “hot” area.
We have a parcel base of 4,850 in Rutland Township. In the two publication periods since 1/1/2002, 111 properties have been adjusted either by this office or the Board of Review. Of that number, only 50 have been owner occupied Del Webb properties and the remaining 61 were in Triple Oaks Farm and other areas in the Township. Whether you consider the 50 or 111, neither is a significant percentage of a parcel base of 4,850 and none of those properties was involved in the 2001 sales ratio study.
Further evidence of the desirability of Rutland Township is demonstrated by the fact that over the last two years substantial blocks of acreage have been acquired by Neuman Homes, Pasquinelli Homes and Town & Country Homes among others. Obviously, my biggest challenge is to balance the new with the old and try to make sure we are abreast of the market.

………...Pat Molohon

Road Commissioner’s Report

I’d like to introduce our newest employee, Rick Valzano. Rick comes to us with a wealth of experience and has already made a solid contribution to this department. Welcome aboard, Rick!
We’re organizing a morning road walk for a spring clean up in the Township. If you would like to volunteer, please call 847.428.6789 to participate. Specific date will be announced soon. Refreshments will be served.

…....Tom Koppie

Clerk’s Corner

If you’re interested in seeing your local Township Government in action, plan on attending our Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for April 8th, at 7:30 p.m. Our regular board meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. followed by the Annual Meeting. For this special meeting, we will be meeting at the Rutland/Dundee Fire Station on Main Street in downtown Gilberts (please plan on parking on the east side of the Fire Station due to the construction going on). We look forward to seeing you there.
On a side note, many people don’t realize that the Township does not have regular office hours. The primary reason for this is our budget does not allow for us to maintain regular office staff (we are proud of our commitment to low taxes). That however, does not mean that your questions and concerns are not important to us. The entire office tries to return your calls as soon as possible, so if you wish to leave a message, or call the clerk at the number listed on our voice mail, we will be happy to get back to you

.…....Deb Schuldt

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