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Rutland Township is located in the Northeastern quadrant of Kane County, occupies 36 square miles, and maintains 27 miles of roads. It includes the communities of Huntley, Gilberts, Pingree Grove, and parts of unincorporated Hampshire.

Township History

When the organizational meeting to form the township was held in 1848, a name needed to be selected. The Irish chose the name "Rose Green". The Scots wanted the name to be "Caledonia".

Since they could not reach an agreement, they compromised on the name "Jackson". E. R. Starks was given the task to submit the name at the county seat in Geneva. He had been elected the first township clerk. When Starks, who had come from Rutland, Vermont, arrived in Geneva he arbitrarily gave the name of "Rutland" to the township. His excuse was that there already was a Jackson township. However, some people suspected that since Starks was a Whig and Jackson was a Democrat, that was the real reason for the name change.

Buena Vista Cemetery, established in 1844 and once known as "Old Pauper's Cemetery" is located on Square Barn Road in Rutland Township.
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